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Skin Care Guide: 5 Plumeria Products You Need In Your Skin Care Routine

Effective skin care involves more than just washing your face! Washing is just the first step. In fact, having a regime that you do daily is the best way to maintain and improve the quality of your skin. Your skin care routine should always include, natural, high quality products that are free of harsh chemicals,…
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Plumeria’s Magnesium Cream: How and Why You Use It

Magnesium Cream is our #1 selling product! Our customers love it. Most people that try our Magnesium Cream end up becoming loyal customers and sharing their experience with their friends. So you’re probably wondering “what makes this product so great?” Simply put, our Magnesium Cream helps people feel better. Why do I need a cream…
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Big Name Brands vs. Plumeria

Consumers in the US are buying over 6 billion dollars’ worth of bath and body products each year! And that number is expected to grow! With that kind of demand, it’s not surprising that some of the biggest brands in the world are competing for your business. When you’re shopping for soap, lotion or bath…
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Got dry skin?

5 Plumeria products that can help improve dry skin and other winter skin conditions Dry skin is one of the most common winter skin care problems. Customers ask us what the best moisturizer for dry skin is. The truth is, that answer will vary from person to person as everyone’s skin is different. With that…
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