All Natural vs. Natural Skin Care

All natural skin care products are all the rage right now.  Consumers are finally realizing how important it is to pay attention to what you put on your skin.  This shift in thinking has definitely helped Plumeria grow as customers appreciate the time and effort we put in to selecting our ingredients and creating our products by hand to ensure they are the best quality possible.

We recently received a question through our website from a consumer that was curious about how we label some of our products.  We thought our answer would make for a great post to help our customers better understand the value of Plumeria products.

The Question:

“I have a question regarding your products being “all natural.”  I see your products have different fragrances and colorants in them, so how is it all natural when it contains those additives?”Are your products really all natural?

The Answer:

Great question!  Plumeria creates a variety of products.  Some can be considered “all natural”  meaning they ONLY contain ingredients that come from the Earth.  Others  we consider “natural” products, which means their main ingredients are things that come from the Earth but we’ve added other man-made ingredients such as fragrances and coloring, to complete the product.  We also have some products that are considered “organic” and “vegan”.

Regardless of whether the product is all natural, natural, organic, vegan or just a really great bath product, two things hold true…

  1. Plumeria will never use the harsh chemicals or preservatives in our products that you find in most store bought brands.
  2. Plumeria products are always clearly labeled with an ingredient list so consumers will know exactly what they are putting on their skin. 

Our main goal at Plumeria is to educate people.  If a customer asks a question about our products or specifically requests an all natural item, we tell them exactly what products fit in to that category.  We are very honest with our customers and explain that some of our products contain fragrances and colors that are not considered “all natural.”  Most of our customers don’t mind a little added fragrance when the rest of the product is made from natural ingredients.  It’s still a dramatic improvement from what you’d purchase in most other stores.

As we grow, we are always looking at ways to reformulate our products so they can be considered “all natural” without sacrificing quality.  Until then, Plumeria products will remain free of the harsh chemicals and preservatives found in most store bought brands and we’ll continue to offer options to our customers including all natural, natural, organic and vegan luxury bath products.

If you have you have questions, or special skin care needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.  We are happy to give you more information about any of our products.  If you have special skin care needs, we are also happy to make recommendations on which products may be the best fit for you.