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Plumeria is based out of Grand Island, NY and we create luxury, natural bath products by hand. Our company was built with simplicity in mind. We take simple, high quality ingredients and hand craft them into bath products that look like art and smell amazing. Plumeria specializes in bath bombs, soaps, lotions, and creams that contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives found in most over the counter bath products.

The History of Plumeria

When you have an obsession for bath products, it only makes sense to start your own line…and that is exactly what owner and founder, Cindy Inman did. In 2013, Cindy was ready to make a change after working in marketing for years. With the support of her husband and family, Cindy started making bath bombs (some disguised in the shape of cupcakes) in her kitchen!

After mastering her bath bomb recipe she moved on to handmade soaps. Plumeria was first introduced to the public at a local craft show where the products were met with an overwhelming response. Seeing she was on to something, Cindy continued to grow her product line by creating lotions, sugar scrubs, whips, candles and more.

Plumeria products were very well received by the local community. The more people that used them, the more people that loved them. Social media became a catalyst for driving growth. As new products were perfected, Plumeria would introduce them on social media and the demand continued to increase.

our_storySeven months into business, Plumeria started working with their first direct sales consultant. Cindy actually had someone come to her and say “I want to sell Plumeria” and Plum Girls were born. By this time Plumeria had taken over the Inman’s house! What started as a home-based business had quickly evolved into a larger operation that needed its own space. So, by November 2014, Plumeria moved into a new home, which now serves as its flagship retail location and production facility.

Today, Plumeria has a retail location in Grand Island, New York, Plum Girls across the country and business partners that retail Plumeria products in their own stores. Cindy functions as the CEO and her daughter CayLeigh is her right-hand in the business.

About Cindy

Cindy is a marketing executive turned entrepreneur! After spending years in marketing, she decided to turn her passion for luxury bath products into a business. When you try Plumeria products you’ll quickly see that her passion for the line shows through in all Plumeria creates.

She is focused and enthusiastic about giving customers a product that they don’t have to be afraid to put on their skin. High-quality, natural ingredients are of the utmost importance to her and she personally manages quality control for the company.   When new products are in development, you’ll find her in their production facility testing them out before they are introduced to customers. When she is not working on expanding the Plumeria product line, she is working on spreading the word about the importance of using natural skin care, bath and hair care products in your daily routine.


When she is not in “Plum Mode” Cindy focuses on faith and family!

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