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Happy 2020! Updates from a Refreshed Plumeria Bath

Hello and welcome to the new and fresh Plumeria!

This year we are focusing on health, self-care and self-love. We believe this goes hand in hand with the trending CBD products that we are manufacturing not only for our brand but also for private labeling companies who know how important these products are going to be for our future selves.

Whether you start with a tincture, lotion, or gummy, CBD products will help with lots of ailments and body aches and pains. They also assist with an amazing day in and day out "good feeling" that you won't find with regular products. Interested in our line of CBD luxury bath & body products? Check them out here! 

Using natural skin care products is more important than ever before, so we decided to incorporate CBD into some of our products. Now we have expanded from lotions, to face moisturizers, and shampoo. Our customers have been telling us how much they love the effects of these products, so we hope you enjoy them too. 


Our body has an endocannabinoid system and CBD go hand in hand. Not only can you use topical CBD products but if you are looking to help with internal issues, ingesting oral products is your best method. Want to sleep better, rub our CBD Magnesium Cream on at night or take a gel capsule to help!  Want to help your mood? Try a gummy or take a few drops of a tincture. Please be sure to understand that if you are on ANY prescribed medications, you should ALWAYS seek your doctor's advice, we are not physicians and would recommend you contact your physician whenever you are adding anything to your daily routine.

Come on in to Plumeria or ORDER ONLINE on our new website and let's chat to see if we can help you in any way, and you may just find a little something else you might love! 

All the best in loving your body, spirit & mind, 

Cindy Inman

CEO & Owner

Plumeria Bath

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