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5 Vegan Products by Plumeria

Did you know that many of Plumeria’s products are vegan? That’s right! In addition to using natural ingredients whenever possible, many of our fan favorites are also vegan friendly! Here’s a list of some of our best-selling vegan products along with some detail on what they do!

Magnesium Cream

Magnesium Cream is our #1 selling product, companywide. Our customers can’t get enough of it because so many people have found that they felt better when using it. Magnesium is a critical supplement in the human diet. When someone is deficient it can cause all sorts of health issues. Our cream is meant to be used topically to help increase the amount of Magnesium in your system and improve the effects of magnesium deficiency.

Fresh Deodorant

No more aluminum and chemicals for your pits! Stay fresh all day with our all natural, vegan friendly deodorant, Fresh. Fresh comes in a paste form that is meant to be applied to your underarms daily.

Bath Bombs

YES…our bath bombs are vegan-friendly! Bath bombs are also one of our best selling products. They come in a variety of natural fragrances and they are meant to turn your bath tub in to a spa. Bath Bombs are made from a variety of natural ingredients that when exposed to water, will fizz and release all the goodness inside. Our Bath Bombs are packed with essential oils and other ingredients that will soothe and moisturize your skin. (Please note, our cupcake bath bombs are not vegan friendly. In true cupcake fashion, they contain eggs 😉

Naked Moisturizer

Naked Moisturizer is vegan and nut free product. It is a perfect daily moisturizer for your face that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Because we only use natural ingredients and no harsh fragrances, customers with sensitive skin can often use Naked with no problems!

Organic Lavender Shampoo

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a great organic, vegan friendly shampoo, give our Organic Lavender Shampoo a try. It’s made with low-lather ingredients that are gentle on your hair but will also clean and protect it.

Please Note

As you’re shopping, please check our ingredient lists to confirm the product you are interested in doesn’t contain something you don’t use. All of our ingredients are clearly noted on each package’s label. We do have some products that contain honey and goat’s milk so please keep an eye out!

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