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Big Name Brands vs. Plumeria

Consumers in the US are buying over 6 billion dollars’ worth of bath and body products each year! And that number is expected to grow! With that kind of demand, it’s not surprising that some of the biggest brands in the world are competing for your business. When you’re shopping for soap, lotion or bath bombs, you’ve got more choices than ever before.

So, we’re going to help you cut through the clutter! When you’re shopping for bath and body products it’s easy to be drawn to the big name brands vs. Plumeria. It’s also easy to be lured in by fancy advertising campaigns and big sales. While some big brands produce nice stuff at the end of the day, it’s just not Plumeria! So when it comes to picking a big name brand vs. Plumeria, here’s 5 reasons you should choose Plumeria!

We only use the best ingredients

When you choose Plumeria, you will know exactly what ingredients are going on your body. Our owner hand picks and orders every single ingredient that goes in to our products. Plumeria is committed to using high quality, natural ingredients in everything we make.

Our products are natural, but still smell AMAZING!

On top of sourcing the best ingredients, we don’t use any harsh chemicals or preservatives. Larger brands that distribute in big batches often need to include chemicals and preservatives to prolong their product’s self life. We make smaller batches more often to avoid that stuff.

Sometimes opting for more natural products means sacrificing on fragrance because many scents are chemical based. Not at Plumeria! We use both essential oils and fragrance oils (which even though they are synthetic, they are phthalate free) to create luxurious fragrances. We also have fragrance free products if scents aren’t your thing!

Our products are handmade…with love

That’s right, everything made by Plumeria is hand made. All Plumeria products are handmade at our headquarters and distribution center in Grand Island, NY under the watchful eye of our owner. We’re measuring, mixing and evaluating every detail to make sure you’re getting THE BEST!

Plumeria products are quality controlled

That same watchful eye is also our quality control department! If it’s not right, it’s not going on the shelves or shipping out to you. Because everything is made by hand in one place, we know exactly what is going in our products and the quality of the products we are creating.

You’re supporting a small business

As if everything above isn’t enough, when you shop Plumeria you are also supporting a small business. We don’t have a big corporate entity backing us. We’re a family owned and operated company that values each and every one of our customers. On top of that, Plumeria has a consultant program that allows consultants to work from home selling Plumeria products. When you buy from one of our consultants, you’re not only getting great products you’ll also be getting personalized service and helping that individual consultant realize her/his income goals. It’s all good stuff.

So the next time you need soap, lotion, bath bombs or other products and it’s between a big name brand vs. Plumeria, remember the choice is simple….choose Plumeria!

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