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Happy 3rd Birthday Plumeria

On October 1st we celebrated our 3rd birthday! Plumeria has done SO MUCH in the past Happy 3rd birthday Plumeriayear and we couldn’t be more excited about the future. Let’s take a look back at that happened this year at Plumeria!

Year in Review

New Locations

Since we celebrated our 2nd birthday, Plumeria expanded in to a new relocation in the Eastern Hills Mall. We just moved to a better space within the mall and renovated that location to be just as spectacular as our headquarters in Grand Island,

Our Growing Consultant Program

Our consultant program is also growing! We invested in new, state of the art software to help our consultants get more from their Plumeria business and created a new starter kit option that makes it more affordable than ever before to get your Plumeria business going. We’re talking $29.99 to get rolling! The result…Plums popping up across the country! Today we’ve got X consultants, in X states and we’re in the process of becoming licensed to operate in Australia where there is tremendous interest in our products!

Magnesium Cream on

And let’s not forget that since our last birthday we also landed a deal with! That’s right, Plumeria’s signature product, Magnesium Cream is now available on We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to share our product with the masses.

What’s Next?

So what can you expect from Plumeria this year? LOTS of great stuff. We’ll be launching our Christmas line just before Black Friday. We’re going to continue to grow, develop and improve our consultant program until we have a Plumeria consultant in each state. And of course we’ll be launching new products and fragrances throughout the year so make sure you keep an eye on us!

A Note from Cindy to Our Valued Customers:

It’s because of you that our growth is possible. On behalf of myself and the team at Plumeria, we would like to thank you for your continued support and for being such an important part of Plumeria’s team. Without you, we wouldn’t be here and because of that, my promise is to continue to provide you with the highest quality products with all natural ingredients that you can feel good about using. See you at our 4th birthday party!

XOXO – Cindy

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