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Looking for an Eczema treatment? Try Ecztreme Creme!

Finding an Eczema treatment that works for you can be a difficult task for many Eczema suffers. There are many products on the market that claim to help. In order to find the Eczema treatment that is right for you, most people have to test several products and make changes to their daily routine before they actually get their Eczema under control. All of this “testing” is usually happening while you’re suffering with dry, itchy skin!

What is Ecztreme Cream?

We hate dry, itchy skin! So we came up with Ecztreme Creme. Ecztreme Creme is a whipped cream that contains all natural ingredients known for their healing properties. Our Eczema treatment cream includes ingredients such as:

Coconut Oil

Ground Oats

Wheat Germ Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil

We’ve done our homework so you don’t have to and picked these ingredients for a reason

Coconut Oil helps reduce inflammation, supports tissue healing and also repairs and aids your immune system function. Ground Oats contain healthy fats which help add moisture when they come into contact with your skin. Ground Oats also help to moisturize, soften and repair your skin. Wheat Germ is full of nourishing properties for your skin. It soothes, heals and moisturizes irritated/itchy skin, and is rich in Vitamin E which can help in treating Eczema. Vitamin E also promotes healing and is an active ingredient in many products available for skin.

Our Eczema treatment cream also includes Evening Primrose Oil. Evening Primrose has been used throughout history to help with skin conditions like the dry, itchy skin caused by Eczema. Evening Primrose also comes in a pill form. There is conflicting research as to whether or not taking Evening Primrose in a pill form actually works to combat Eczema. So instead of ingesting it, we’ve made it a part of our cream to capture its healing capabilities on a topical level! Rosemary Essential Oil is the final ingredient we’ve included. It is also know to improve dryness and can often help tone and even your skin.

So, knowing all the wonderful things these ingredients could do, we combine them in to one convenient cream aimed at providing the best all natural Eczema treatment on the market. Since we use all natural ingredients our Ecztreme Creme is safe enough to use on children with Eczema. This photo shows the relief one Mom found for her 2 year old suffering from Eczema. After using our Ecztreme Creme you can see the dramatic improvement to the child’s skin. No more dry, itchy skin for this kiddo!

Our Disclaimer

Our products or claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. We have simply taken the best ingredients you can find in nature that work to combat skin problems and combine them to make our Ecztreme Creme. We are confident in saying our product is safe for everyone to try because we do not use any harsh chemicals, preservatives or prescription strength ingredients found in many other Eczema treatments…we only use all natural ingredients. Our claim to treat Eczema comes from the results our customers have achieved by using our product. When our customers get their Eczema under control, they are always happy to share their results with us and that is why we believe our Ecztreme Creme is the last Eczema treatment you’ll ever need to buy!

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