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Plumeria’s Bug Spray – FAQs

But Don’t Forget Your Bug Spray!

Bug spray is big topic during the summer months, especially for Moms and Moms-to-Be! Choosing a safe, effective bug spray can be tricky if you start reading labels and scrutinizing ingredients. Before buying any bug spray we encourage you to read the labels. Some popular national brands contain chemicals and ingredients that could be harmful to your health such as Deet.

There is conflicting opinions on whether or not Deet is in fact safe but the presence of Deet in a bug spray is only half the problem. Many store bought brands contain a slew of other chemicals you can’t even pronounce let alone know what they are! So why chance putting something that is potentially harmful on your skin when there is a natural bug spray alternative?

Meet Bug Off

All Natural Bug Spray by Plumeria

All- Natural Bug Spray by Plumeria – Bug Off and Baby Bug Off

Plumeria is committed to providing natural bath and body products that don’t contain harsh chemicals but are still effective. With that said, we created Bug Off and Baby Bug Off as a natural bug spray alternative.

Bug Off contains: Witch Hazel, Distilled Water and Essential Oil Blend

Baby Bug Off contains Witch Hazel, Distilled Water and Essential Oil Blend but we’ve removed the Rosemary essential oil which some doctors recommend avoiding while pregnant and also eucalyptus which some say is not healthy for children under 6. Baby Bug Off is perfect for our little Plums under 6 and the Mom-to-Be!


Q: Is Bug Off Safe for pregnant women?

A: Again there are conflicting reports about whether or not Rosemary Essential Oil is safe for pregnant women. With that said, we recommend you consult with your Doctor and consider using Baby Bug Off which does not contain Rosemary.

Q: What is in your essential oil blend?

A: We use a proprietary blend of essential oils known to prevent bug bites. We don’t post a full list as it is what makes our product exclusive to Plumeria. That said, if you have a concern about the essential oils we use because of allergies or some other reason, we are happy to provide the ingredient list to you privately.

Q: Is Plumeria’s Bug Off Bug Spray as effective as other store-bought brands?

A: We’ve done our homework and created Bug Off with the finest ingredients known to repel bugs safely and naturally. We’ve personally tested the product and continue to receive feedback from customers that use it and are satisfied with its effectiveness.

That said, our products are not tested in a lab for effectiveness so we can’t make any official claims and as with any product you purchase, what works for one person may not work for another. Our suggestion is, give it try! If you’re not happy with it, we’ll gladly give you a merchandise credit in the amount you paid for Bug Off.

Q: Does Bug Off smell like bug spray?

A: Nope! That’s the beauty of making products with essential oils. They can be effective and smell wonderful at the same time!

Q: Does your bug spray protect against the Zika virus and other viruses carried by mosquitos/bugs?

A: We cannot guarantee our products will or will not protect against Zika or any other viruses carried by bugs. Being able to make that claim requires an advanced level of testing that we do not do with our products. Again, we’ve done our research and come up with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients known to deter bugs. While our product may work for some, others may find they need something different to keep those little critters away so we will never claim to be 100% effective. If you have concerns about contracting a virus from a bug bites, we recommend you contact your doctor to determine what bug repellent is best for you.

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