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Thinking of Switching to All-Natural Deodorant? Read This First!

Plumeria is all about, all-natural luxury bath and body products! So, it should be no surprise that we had to create an all-natural deodorant called Fresh to add to our arsenal of natural goodies. Fresh was a welcome addition to our product line. Many of our customers had been asking for months when we were going to offer deodorant. Just like with our soaps, lotions and other products, more customers want to move away from traditional deodorants that are known to include harsh chemicals with potentially negative side effects.

Armpit ProblemsThinking of switching to all natural deodorant? Read this first.

Many people can make the transition from traditional deodorant to all-natural deodorant without a problem. However, on occasion we do hear from customers that they ended up with armpit problems when they tried to make the switch.! Problems can include:

Armpit rashes

Excessive sweating

Body odor

If any one of these three things occur, most people’s natural instinct it to return to their traditional deodorant and forget about moving to an all-natural alternative. Many times, customers blame the deodorant thinking it’s not working.

It’s Time for a Cleanse

The truth is, it’s probably not the deodorant at all! If you are trying to switch to an all-natural deodorant and start experiencing one or all of the above symptoms, you could need an armpit cleanse. Studies have found that traditional deodorants can change the make-up of the normal bacteria in your armpits. When you stop using traditional deodorant, you may experience an over production of this bacteria, which can actually make your armpits smell worse!

If you are having trouble making the switch, we suggest you consider doing an armpit cleanse. An armpit cleanse can help you get your bacteria back in balance and allow you to make the switch without the unfortunate side effects.

Here’s a link to an article that talks about not only the importance of switching to an all-natural deodorant but also provides a recipe for an armpit cleanse. There are many benefits to switching to an all-natural deodorant so before you give up, try doing an armpit cleanse and see if that helps make the transition easier! Once your bacteria is in order you may find you don’t need the harsh traditional deodorants that you thought you did!

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