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Work at Home Opportunities

Would you like to work at home and make your own schedule? You can with Plumeria! Plumeria is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies that specializes in natural bath and body products. Consumers can buy Plumeria products online through our website and we have two retail locations in Western New York, just outside of Buffalo.

The most exciting thing about Plumeria is our growing consultant program! Our consultants are affectionately referred to as Plums and our program is open to men and women who are looking for an affordable opportunity to start their own business, determine their income and grow with a young company. Do we have your attention?

How do I start my Plumeria business?

Starting your Plumeria business has never been easier and more affordable! We recently launched a new website that includes two starter kit options; one for $29.99 and one for $99. To get started, simply visit our website and visit the “Join” page. You can sign up and pay for your kit online.

We’ll ship out your kit and then the party starts! You’ll gain access to our exclusive Facebook group for Plums. Once inside the group, you’ll have access to TONS of information that can help you get started and grow your Plumeria business. You’ll also gain access to our Intranet. Our Intranet is a secret section of our website exclusively built for Plums that contains EVERYTHING you need to start and grow your Plumeria business including tips, graphics, how-tos and more.

At Plumeria we are truly a team. Founder and owner, Cindy Inman believes that when you succeed, Plumeria succeeds. Cindy and her team do everything they can to support your Plumeria business. Unlike large direct sales companies, you have access to Cindy and everyone at headquarters whenever you need them!

How do I sell products as a Plum?

Once you receive your Plumeria products and decide which ones you’re going to keep for yourself (wink, wink), it’s time to get to work. Plumeria products are well received everywhere they are introduced. They are affordable and everyone needs them so selling your inventory will be easy as pie! There are a number of ways to sell Plumeria products, but here are a few we’ve found to be most successful. You can:

Sell to friends and family

Schedule Bubble Parties

Direct customers to shop online through your Plumeria website

Host a Facebook party

Attend community events that have vendor tables available

Because Plumeria is a growing company, starting your Plumeria business now could mean you are the ONLY ONE in your market selling these amazing products. Unlike some of the big name direct sales companies that have 100s and thousands of consultants around the country, you can be the first in your area to offer Plumeria, which means you’re totally going to ROCK your Plumeria business.

What’s next?

Once you get in the groove with your Plumeria business you can start building your team. Each Plum has the opportunity to build a team of consultants that work with them. You don’t have to, but you can! When you have a team, you earn a portion of commission for everything the people on your team sell! In exchange, you provide support, guidance and incentives to encourage your team to grow their own businesses.

Ready to get started? Click here to learn more.

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